Image transmission

Image transmission

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Image transmitter一、FunctionQingzhun technology full HD video wireless real-time transmission transmitter is our latest broadcast-level high-definition image real-time transmission system.  &


Image transmitter


Qingzhun technology full HD video wireless real-time transmission transmitter is our latest broadcast-level high-definition image real-time transmission system.

    High resolution (1080P/60fps) is the COFDM wireless individual and airborne transmitter equipment with the highest transmission resolution, smallest volume, lightest weight and longest transmission distance in the domestic COFDM full HD image transmission system. COFDM modulation technology, airborne broadband (8MHz) and strong anti-multipath interference capability, overcomes the problems caused by multipath reflection and occlusion of image transmission under analog technology and conventional modulation technology, enabling high-speed motion shooting and real-time non-line-of-sight transmission. High-quality full HD video images are ideal for use in complex environments.

    The video and audio encoding adopts the H.264 standard, the resolution reaches 1080P/60 HD resolution (1920X1080P/60fps backward compatible with 720P), and supports digital video and audio HDMI / 3G HD-SDI (optional) input interface. It has the characteristics of clear picture quality, bright colors and smooth images.

Suitable for high-speed data transmission, the channel speed is generally 8-12 Mbps, which satisfies the transmission of high quality video and audio. In addition to the requirements of the camera, high-quality video and audio require very high requirements for the encoded stream and channel rate.

    COFDM technology can select high-speed modulation such as QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM for each sub-carrier, and the synthesized channel bandwidth is generally 8 MHz. Therefore, H.264 high-quality codec can be transmitted, and the image resolution at the receiving end can be up to 1920X1080P/60 and backward compatible, meeting the requirements of later analysis, storage, editing and so on.

    The transmitter can work stably for a long time under high temperature environment, which avoids the phenomenon that the transmitter of ordinary COFDM products can not work because the working temperature is higher than 60 °C and above.

Low latency: system delay is about 350 milliseconds

Stable transmission of images and voices under high-speed motion and multipath interference

Powerful NLOS non-line-of-sight transmission capability

Spatial diversity reception capability

With encryption (optional)

Transmitting power 1W

三、Application range
   Widely used in drones (disaster relief, rescue, forest fire prevention), three-proof emergency communication, radio and television broadcasting, radio and television live broadcasting; field troops single reconnaissance; image transmission of public security, armed police, fire command vehicle and scouts and command center; Real-time monitoring of high-quality images of the sea in the areas of smuggling, maritime, and coastal defense; real-time news gathering/intermediate broadcast of wireless mobile camera vehicles; aerial reconnaissance and surveillance of helicopters and airships, and long-distance full HD digital video transmissions that are not suitable for wiring and wiring field.

四、Transmitter parameter

Working frequency



 COFDM 2K mode

RF power

 1.0 W

Channel bandwidth

 8 MHz

technical standard

 Meets H.264 technical standards

Video stream


Low latency

 System delay is about 350ms

Transmission distance (1W standard power)

 通More than 15 kilometers (1080P/50fps video format)

Compression format


Audio and video input

 Digital HDMI, 3G HD-SDI (optional)

Image clarity

 1920*1080P @ 60/50/30/25, compatible720P @ 60/50

Audio and video input physical interface

 mini HDMI interface/ SMA interface(SDI Signal)

RF interface

 SMA 50 Ohm single antenna

Working current


Operating Voltage

 DC 10-14V

Operating temperature

 -30℃ ~ +75℃


114 mm×67 mm×23 mm(Includes standard 1W amplifier)


180g(No antenna and power plug)


 Aluminum alloy


Image transmission receiver




    Qingzhun technology full HD video wireless real-time transmission receiver is our latest broadcast-level high-definition image real-time transmission system.

    Ultra-small (92mmx75mmx30mm), ultra-light (150g), ultra-low power consumption (about 4W) ultra-high receiving sensitivity (-100dBm), HDMI and AV dual video sync output, with local storage, can be inserted into the U disk to record full HD video.

二、Image transmission receiver parameters

 Operating frequency range

300 MHz ~862MHz (Automatically searchable or manually set)


 COFDM 2K Mode

Support mobile speed


Working bandwidth

 8M Hz

 RF interface

 Dual SMA type 50 ohm antenna interface

Receiving sensitivity


 Output Interface

 HDMI + AV + USB(Support 1080P video recording and playback)

Parameter setting method

 Infrared controller or custom button

 Video resolution

 1920X1080P@60Hz / 1280X720P

 screen ratio


 Working current


External power supply

 DC 12V


 92 mm×75 mm×30 mm (L×W×H)



Image transmission参数