Industry Application

As an area of great importance to life safety and social stability, the demand for drones in the police field has already surfaced and has developed rapidly in recent years. At the moment when the drone pushed the door of the police market, we also saw a vast application world.

1.Anti-terrorism reconnaissance

In anti-terrorism reconnaissance, the development of drone technology provides another possibility for police to counter terrorism: UAVs can quickly fly to the area of trespassing, 360-degree stereoscopic monitoring of target conditions, and the number and size of criminals. And then return to the command center to provide reference for anti-terrorism deployment. At the same time, the drone can carry out uninterrupted screen shooting, and the criminals will be transmitted back to the command center in real time, in conjunction with the police officers to carry out accurate and rapid arrests. Moreover, when the terrorists or suspects are arrested or screened afterwards, the high-definition images of the drones can provide the police with first-hand visual evidence.

2. Search and rescue

There are precedents at home and abroad for using drones for search and rescue. Using drones to search for trapped people, drones can track the heat signal, help rescuers quickly locate the trapped person in the forest or disaster area, and even load some life-saving equipment, such as water and dry food into the disaster area, become An important tool for saving lives.

3. Patrol monitoring

For border defense patrols, traffic patrols, scenic patrols and many other fields, the application of drones has penetrated into every aspect. In terms of border patrols, due to the long borders in China and the harsh natural conditions, drones can replace manpower and monitor and guard the jungles at the border between countries.

In terms of urban patrols, China's current urban expansion is very fast. The rapid growth of vehicles leads to traffic congestion. Manpower patrols are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and their efficiency is not high. Sometimes there are casualties. The drone participates in traffic management and remotely grasps the traffic conditions of the road section through “automatic patrol”. Especially during peak hours, the drone can collect traffic data and assist the ground traffic police to guide the flow of people and traffic. In addition, the scenic area patrols. In China, the full-length tourists have become a common problem in the scenic spot, and the drone can monitor the scenic spots and road conditions in real time to ensure the tourists swim.

4. Riot search

UAV anti-riot search for this Hollywood blockbuster application is now coming into reality, providing air technology solutions for police raids. The drone can track and monitor various escape modes adopted by fugitives. It can also be equipped with infrared equipment to monitor night fugitives. It can scan the flight suspects hiding in the jungle and search for fugitives. The escape route was notified to the police in advance to improve the speed of arrest and accuracy of the arrest.

5. Incidents

When an emergency occurs, the drone can fly over the target area of the accident, and carry out an all-round uninterrupted monitoring of the target area to help the public security police to fully control the development of the situation. The data taken by the drone can also be used as the basis for the proof of the responsible party. After the installation of the airdrop device, the drone can also deliver special items or add tweeters to transmit government information to the ground personnel.

Search for rescue, patrol surveillance, anti-terrorism reconnaissance, anti-riot search, drug inspection... With the application of drones in these fields, it is conceivable that a vast market will be built in the future, and any one needs police feet to leave the ground. The work may be done by drones in the future.