Industry Application

In addition to playing an important role in the military and police fields, the UAV is also the earliest in the field of aerial photography, plant protection operations, power inspection, environmental monitoring, land surveying and mapping, and disaster relief.

1.Aerial photography

With the rapid development of civilian drones, advertisements, movies, wedding video recordings, etc. are increasingly appearing as drones.

2. Power inspection

The drone inspection has the advantages of no height restriction, flexible inspection, convenient photographing and comprehensive angle. It is especially suitable for inspection of high-voltage towers across the mountain, which makes up for the inefficiency and deficiency of manual inspection.

3. Environmental monitoring

UAVs conduct flight monitoring of key areas, and drones have been used more and more frequently for air pollution enforcement. Since November 2013, the environmental protection department has started to use aerial photography of drones to conduct aerial surveillance of sewage and desulfurization facilities of key enterprises such as steel, coking and chemical industries. Since 2014, many provinces have used drones to conduct law enforcement inspections of air pollution prevention and control to achieve more efficient supervision.

4. Express delivery

It is reported that the domestic e-commerce giant Jingdong is developing two drones for delivery, namely vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drones and three-axis six-rotor drones. In addition, Alibaba also dyed the drone to send the courier. In the international arena, the founder of the drone delivery courier - the e-commerce giant Amazon will upgrade the system for its express drone, the upgraded system will make the drone have a "brain", and the express delivery is more intelligent. For this upgrade, Amazon has invested heavily in the acquisition of a European computer vision team based in Graz, Austria. The members are all elites in computer vision. After Amazon’s demise, their main task is for the Amazon. The machine is equipped with a "brain" to overcome visual obstacles and deliver accurately. Recently, Australia Post successfully conducted a field test of drones to send small parcels, and is expected to test delivery to customers' homes later this year. According to the Australian state-owned company, in the future, drones will be used for the delivery of online shopping parcels and the delivery of urgent items such as similar drugs.