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Drone agent

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting and Regulating the Development of Civil UAV Manufacturing Industry" on December 22, 2017. By 2020, the Chinese civil aircraft industry will continue to develop rapidly, with an output value of 60 billion yuan. The growth rate is above 40%. By 2025, the output value of Chinese civil drones will reach 180 billion yuan. According to Goldman Sachs research forecasts, from early 2016 to 2020, thanks to the growing commercial and political markets, global drones will have a market opportunity of $100 billion. The military police market capacity of the global drone will reach 70 billion US dollars. Industrial-grade drones will usher in explosive industry growth. An industry standing on the wind, we work together with agents to develop together and challenge opportunities together!

       Shenzhen Qingzhun Technology Co., Ltd. has a core technology research and development team, and many high-tech UAVs have obtained invention and utility model patents. The company has a close and close cooperative relationship with the military industry group Hunan weapons. The existing military-quality warfare integrated armed drone (the first multi-rotor drone capable of launching 15 rounds of artillery shells in the country, obtained the authoritative inspection report of the Ministry of Public Security), reconnaissance drones, fire drones, tilt photography Three-dimensional modeling of drones and other products put on the market, Chengzhao agents of various channels to cooperate to jointly develop the drone business.

(一) the proxy method

Authorized by Shenzhen Light Precision Technology Co., Ltd., it operates under the light and technical trademark brand, and is supported by the market.

(二)the agent conditions

1. A company with a certain sales channel in the local area.

2, there are certain sales scene conditions (including office space, sales staff, etc.).

(三)agency support

The agent authorized by Shenzhen Light Precision Technology Co., Ltd. will give large-scale support measures to allow agents to concentrate on the local market.

(四) the agent process

1. Request agent information from Lightsight Technology to learn about QZU brand drone products and agency matters.

2. The two parties negotiate or inspect, sign the agency agreement in accordance with the conditions, and grant the "authorization power of attorney".


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